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Hemet Ice & Crystal Clear Water is your number one source for drinking water in Hemet, CA. An extensive filtration process ensures that the water is fresh and delicious. You cannot find better drinking water anywhere else, because ours is simply outstanding. Our crystal clear water is as fresh as a glacier. When you bring your containers to fill up with water, you don’t even need to remove them from your vehicle. Simply drive right up, and fill them conveniently from your car!

If you are in need of drinking water, you can visit us at any time. We are open 24 hours a day. You can also buy and fill your own containers! Our attendants are always available to assist you in buying fresh drinking water. We offer both drinking water bottles and fill up bottles in a variety of sizes, including individual bottles and water packs. Regular drinking water is offered at 25 cents per gallon. We also offer alkaline water at 2 dollars per gallon.

Our water for drinking is excellent. The extensive filtration we employ creates the best drinking water in the region. Our employees work diligently to prepare the finest drinkable water for our customers at the best prices. Our drinking water stock is extensive, and you can be sure that you will find what you need at Hemet Ice & Crystal Clear Water. For more information about our fresh and delicious drinking water, give us a call or come on over to fill up your bottles.

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